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The Płock slope is the highest throughout the entire run of the Vistula River (53 m). It is difficult to imagine a better place for international animal society than a 15-hectare area, located in the crown of the slope. Approx. 3500 animals of more than 350 species reside here It is best to start the Płock adventure from here.

The Płock ZOO is one of the top Polish zoos. It participates in over 20 European stock programs of rarely occurring animals and these becoming extinct such as the snow leopard and Andean Condor. We will meet tamarins and marmosets, which live in the South American jungle, a family of pandas as well as nearly 50 African Penguins. In the summer at a designated hour you can watch penguins having their lunch. A real jungle in the educational pavilion will transport us into the tropical climate full of green flora, crawling snakes and colorful butterflies flying around.

In the summer from the zoo to the Płock Old Town we can travel by the Tumska Steam-engine train, which stops on the opposite side of the entrances to the zoo, at Warszawska street. But we may also choose to take a walk. Going through the Dąbrowski square , next to the beautiful Water Tower and then down the Kościuszki Street, it is worth turning left to Broniewski's House. There, in the backyard, we can sit down under the poetry filled oak, which is also a monument of nature. Right behind him the old park extends, the so-called German hills and an avenue, leading to Mostowa street and the foot of th hill where for over nine centuries proudly stands the Cathedral with the Royal Chapel and tombs of the rulers of Poland: Władysław Herman and Boleslaus the Wry-Mouthed as well as a replica of the famous bronze Płock Doors.

Going stairs down, we leave "Zielony wiersz" (A green poem) behind - a beautiful mural, inspired by the poetry of a Płock resident, Władysław Broniewski, created by artists of Toruń, Galeria Rusz.

This way we will reach the boulevard over the river and the "Płock Jamaica" - a long sandy bank as called by the fans of the Reggaeland festival taking place here, in the summer, then we will reach the municipal lido – Sobótka where you can enjoy a trip by a pedal boat or a canoe. Here, you will find a mini-playground and a beach volleyball playfield as well as plenty of room for those who enjoy getting a tan, that is sunbathing.

On our way, in the Center at the Vistula River we can find a playground, we can also eat something tasty and look at the Vistula River. In the summer season there is a motor boat wharf from which you can go on an exciting cruise. You can also stay at the bank and watch sailing regatta often taking place here (there is a wharf nearby – PTTK (Polish Tourism Association) Morka). To admire the charmingly beautiful panorama of the Tumskie Hill go for a cruise on the Rusałka excursion boat mooring at the boulevard. The pool of the city's attractions was enriched with a pier crowned with a round Harbour Master's office.

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