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Scenic roads from all around the world

By Travel tips
Rentmama's Top 5 scenic routes

If you are planning your next exciting trip, but don’t know where to start, read this! Prepare yourself for dangerous, breathtaking and even a little bit scary trip through these amazing routes!

Rohtang Pass, India

Rohtang Pass is one of many India’s wonders. If you want to experience stunning rivers, magnificent glaciers and mountains that are reaching into the clouds, this is absolutely the destination for you!

Interesting! “Rohtang” means “ground of corpses,” and road has been named like that, because of many who have tried to pass it and have died due to Rohtang Pass’s extreme conditions!

Rhotang Pass

Altitude of this Pass is 3979 meters and its distance from Manali is 51 km. Rohtang Pass serves as natural division between Kullu Valley, where Hindu religion and culture is dominated, and Lahaul and Spiti Valleys, where most of the people are worshiping Buddha.

For vehicles Rohtang Pass is closed for winter season, but again opened in June till October. For tourists and adventure seekers “The month” is May, when there are splendid weather conditions both for enjoying excellent Chandra River and gazing at glaciers, as well as more extreme activities like mountain biking and snow scootering.

If you are going to Rohtang Pass from Manali, then 16 km from it, you can stop to enjoy wonderful Rahla Waterfalls.

7 Mile Bridge, United States

If you are seeking for more tropical and peaceful route, consider Florida Keys and its famous 7 Mile Bridge – one of world’s most famous and historical bridges.

Interesting! Older “version” of this bridge was constructed from 1909-1912 as part of Overseas Railroad, and its original name was Knights Key-Pigeon Key-Moser Channel-Pacet Channel Bridge.


In 2008 7 Mile Bridge was closed to traffic and construction of new one began, nevertheless, you can enjoy splendid walk or bike ride. Unfortunately, some of bridge’s part doesn’t exist nowadays, but there are great news – in 2014 there was approved $77 million plan to restore it. Bridge crosses Moser’s Channel.

Sights from 7 Mile Bridge are truly impressive, especially famous Florida’s sunsets, however, as it is such an old bridge, you shouldn’t forget about safety.

A82 Road and Glen Coe, Scotland

If you are visiting Scotland and are looking for some real Scotish-landscape-experience you should definitely drive straight away to A82 road, visit Glen Coe Village and Valley!

Interesting! Glencoe Village have been seen in many movies, including such blockbusters as Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (as Hagrid’s home) and one of the last James Bond movies – Skyfall.


A82 is 269 km long and passes not only breathtaking Glen Coe valley, but other amazing landmarks as well, for example, Loch Ness or Ben Nevis. Scenery of A82 utterly and without a question is splendid.

If you want to get most of Glen Coe Valley, you should probably think about accommodation. We have great news! In the very heart of Glen Coe there is this charming and award winning hotel and cottage service – Clachaig Inn, so you can either book a room in a hotel or rent your own incredibly lovely cottage.

This famous glen recently was named “Most romantic glen of Scotland”.

The Dark Hedges, Ballymoney

If you are up to something less ordinary and maybe a bit spooky, go to Northern Ireland and discover this amazing natural phenomena, which looks like it has just stepped out of some fantasy movie and you never thought actually existed.

Interesting! If you are a great fan of Game of Thrones, you should have already recognized this place from season 2!

DSC_1382 - Version 2

This beautiful avenue’s roots go back to 18th century, when Stuart family placed these amazing trees to impress their visitors. More than 200 years have gone by and avenue remains, where Beech trees was planted by James Stuart, a preacher’s son. Today we know this avenue as The Dark Hedges.

As it doesn’t look spooky enough, during the day of course, there also is spooky legend about “The Grey Lady,” which haunts the place. It’s been said, she appears at dusk and very quietly slides through the road and disappears with the last Beech tree. There are many rumors about what this Grey Lady really is.

This place is an absolute must-see in north of Ireland.

North Yungas Road, Bolivia

Locals and many others call it “Bolivian Death Road,” and no wonder – this road claims lives of tourists and adventure seekers every year. If you have been seeking for a challenge for some time now, this might just be the right road to hit.

Interesting! In the 90s this road was taking 200-300 lives of travelers annually.


North Yungas Road is very popular between adventure seekers, especially those, who enjoy extreme bike rides. One of the most popular activities is “Death Road bike ride”. More than 20 thousand bike riders go to Bolivian Death Road to prove to themselves they can cross it.

“Beautiful and dangerous” – that is how we can describe Bolivian Death Road.

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