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Sivas is a large city in Central Turkey that has solid communication and transport links to other major Turkish cities and countries like Iran and Iraq.

Strong on industry such as cereal production and manufacturing, this industrial and agricultural center is home to many attractions such as beautiful mosques, interesting museums and ancient Turkish bath houses.

What to see

Step into Turkish history by visiting the Atatürk Congress and Ethnography Museum where you can see examples of Ottoman kilims and carpets and Atatürk’s bedroom. Upstairs, is the Congress Hall dedicated to the Sivas Congress who were pivotal in the Turkish national movement.

Built in the 14th century, the Güdük Minare is a brick tomb for Seyh Hasan Bey of Ertana whose remains lie in the sarcophagus. The tomb is named Güdük (truncated) due to its short height.

If you are looking for an excellent example of Seljuk architecture, stop by the Gök Medrese. The name translates to ‘Blue Seminary’ and you’ll notice remnants of blue tiles on the two minarets. Tourists aren’t meant to access it, however you could chance your luck with the custodians who may open the locked gates for you.

What to do

Find a restaurant close to the central Hükümet Square and sit down to a bowl of kelecos (a sour potato soup made with yoghurt), the local specialty of madimak salad (a herb similar to spinach) and incir tatlısı (stuffed figs).
Walk underneath the invigorating spray from the Sizir Waterfalls (also known as the Goksu Falls), a 22 meter high cascade that falls beside boardwalks and is best seen in rainy weather.

Work up a sweat at the 16th century Turkish bath house Meydan Hamami. Open from early in the morning until midnight daily, this is a true Turkish experience not recommended for the shy tourist where you can soak in the hot baths then enjoy a pleasant reading and relaxation room.

Nearby things to see and do

Hafik Gölü is a nice lake 39 kilometers from Sivas where you can go boating, fishing or park up for a picnic beside the lakeside reeds. The area nearby is full of gypsum karsts and dolines.

For a therapeutic experience, drive 89 kilometers from Sivas to the town of Kangal. The town is famous for a Turkish breed of dog, and you can stay in a spa resort where the healing waters of the thermal springs are inhabited by small fish that nibble on patient’s skin to treat conditions such as psoriasis.

The mountains of Yıldız Dağı are found 120 kilometers northwest of Sivas. Here you can hike across valley plains or play at the resorts in winter that offer skiing and sledging. There are some Byzantine ruins in the mountains above the Bedohtunyazi Valley.

Gökpınar Lakes are a stunning place to visit and well worth the drive. The lakes are 15 meters deep however the water is crystal clear and famous for the tasty trout. There are lakeside cafeterias to enjoy a meal, and rental companies for canoes and row boats.