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Moraira is a small, upmarket Spanish coastal town, part of Teulada municipality, in the Marina Alta comarca, 80 km north of Alicante and 100 km south of Valencia. It is a tourist resort on the Costa Blanca strip, with 8 km of coastline backed by mountains and vineyards.

What to do

The beaches

Let's face it, many people come on holiday to Spain for the climate and to relax on golden, sandy beaches, and the visitors who flock to this town each year certainly know that it boasts a very impressive eight beaches in total, of various sizes, and we complied this handy list to help you choose which beaches to visit.

Shopping in and around

Like many Spanish holiday resorts, there are a range of shops open in the town to whet anyone's appetite for spending their holiday money, although for bigger shopping trips, head to Valencia cityup the AP7 motorway.

The town has enough shops to service your basic needs on holiday, plus various bars, cafes, banks, estate agents and so on, although for big shopping trips, Moraira just isn't that sort of place so you would need to come very prepared, or venture out in a hire car to one of the nearby towns.

Water sports

Various water based sports and activities have been a feature of Moraira for quite some time now and even if you are not some diving professional or adept at piloting a speedboat, there are plenty of ways to get started in this enjoyable pastime, plus enjoy the warm, crystal clear Mediterranean waters around the area too.

Much of the aquatic sports and activities also take place in the nearby towns of Calpe and Denia and include jet skiing, diving, paragliding, para sailing and also you can hire small sailing boats at Les Besetes, which is about 1km outside of Calpe. (head for the huge rock that you sill see dominating the skyline, known as the Penon de Ifach.

Eating out

If you are on holiday then you will need to eat something! The town has a variety of places to eat, from small tapas bars, to large international restaurants and, based on the fact that a lot of German and Dutch people come on holiday here, you could maybe try some of their traditional food too! In Moraira you can get tapas at Meson el Refugio (c/ Almacenes) or Bar Costa Blanca (c/ Dr Calatalud) and most bars in nearby Teulada. There is however the "European shopping centre" in the town with many big name shops, and places to eat too, although it's not a huge place in itself, but if you miss the taste of the UK, it's possible to get some nice British Fish N chips, and it is also possible to get an Indian meal, and a Chinese meal too, so you won't go hungry!

Out on the town at night

There's nothing like letting your hair down whilst on holiday and maybe doing things and going places you would never dream of at home, like going to a nightclub or a disco. If you are in the area, and unfamiliar with Spanish pubs and clubs, remember to look for a "discoteca" and not a "Club" which is actually the Spanish phrase to describe a brothel! As Moraira is upmarket (but not snobby) those seeking wild all-night hedonism would be better off heading down the coast to Benidorm, but there are plenty of places to keep you entertained during your stay here.


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