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Mithimna (also called Mithymna and Molyvos) is the main municipality at the northern tip of Lesvos Island.

A place of natural beauty and traditional architecture including stone houses overlooking the sea, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by an authentic Greek town that attracts visitors for its excellent beaches, friendly people and scenic harbor.


What to see

An unmissable landmark, the 14th century Byzantine Castle of Molyvos (or Mithimna) sits perched on top of a pine-dotted hill and is one of the best preserved castles in the Eastern Mediterranean. Open to the public, the Castle is split over many levels, connected to each other with paved paths. In summer months, it is the venue for musical concerts, poetry readings and theater performances.

Wander through the town of Mithimna where you can see stunning examples of colored paving, stonework on local houses and Ottoman fountains. Stop for a break at a cafeteria underneath the flowering wisteria vines and order local Greek wine and dolmades (stuffed grape leaves).

A short distance from Mithimna is Petra, a working port town that is dominated by the village church Our Lady of the Sweet Kisses that crowns a huge rock. The long sandy beach is perfect for families to swim or snorkel and there are three small islands offshore that are nature reserves rich with wildlife that can be visited by boat.


What to do

Visit the pretty harbor to watch the fishing boats unloading their catches of sardines and join a sailing boat for a trip to secluded beaches when you can snorkel without the crowds.

Drive 15 minutes from Mithimna towards Eftalou where you can join a donkey trek with Michaeli’s Donkey Farm that heads across lush green valleys and through olive groves to the mountain village of Vafios where you can relax with lunch at a tavern before returning back to Mithimna.

Dip your toes in the warm thermal waters of the public baths at Eftalou Mineral Hot Springs, or at the adjacent rocky beach move a few stones to make your own private bath where the natural healing waters seep from the bathhouse into the sea.


Nearby things to see and do

One of the most popular attractions is located 56 kilometers southwest from Mithimna in Sigri. Here you will find a protected natural area that makes up a Petrified Forest, a rare monument of geological heritage. There is also a fascinating Museum of Natural History which has exhibits from the Petrified Forest and details the history of the evolution of the Aegean and creation of the forest 20 million years ago. The Museum has information on the forest parks and hiking trails.

Just over one hour form Mithimna on the way to Mytilini is the Roman Aqueduct at Moria, Off the beaten track, the aqueduct is worth a detour to see a 170-meter long preserved section with 17 arches. The site is free to visit and you can admire the impressive engineering of this huge structure that transported water in eras past to Mytilini.