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Rzeszów is located in the southeast of Poland, and is the capital of the Podkarpackie region.
The city is an educational center for large universities, a major transport link with highways passing through to other countries and with close proximity to the Carpathian Mountains a fantastic base for exploring national parks and sampling outdoor pursuits such as hiking and skiing.


What to see

Located in an old Piarist cloister, the Rzeszów Regional Museum has a huge collection of over 250,000 items showcasing the history of Rzeszów and southeastern Poland across archaeology, history, ethnography and art. The museum is splendid to visit year round and frequently hosts temporary exhibitions, poetry readings and musical performances. Check opening hours before visiting as they are currently closed Mondays and Saturdays.

Drop by one of Poland’s most prominent places of pilgrimage - the Renaissance Monastery of Bernardine Church. There are tomb monuments of the Ligęzas family and the chapel contains the statue of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary which has been attributed to many miracles that are documented in 17th and 18th century wall paintings on the sides of the church’s interior.

Photograph one of Rzeszów’s landmarks located at the edge of the green area in the front of the Bernadine Church - the Monument of the Revolutionary Deed. This laurel-leaf shaped monument was inaugurated to honor those fallen in the revolutions of the Rzeszów region.


What to do

Explore Rzeszów’s underground cellars and corridors that served as shops, storage rooms and shelter during wars. The network has examples of medieval brickwork, knights armor and iron bars that bring the tunnels to life.
Head to the bustling Rynek (Old Town / Market square) and find a Polish restaurant where you can taste local smoked cheeses made from goat’s milk and proziaks (pancakes made from flour and sour cream, then baked in old-fashioned wood fired ovens).

Go souvenir shopping along pedestrianized ul. 3 Maja and Kościuszki for silver jewellery, paper cut-outs or handcrafted glassware from Krosno such as wine glasses, vases, or jugs.


Nearby things to see and do

Fourty five minutes south of Rzeszów is the village of Blizne, best known for a UNESCO World Heritage listed church. The All Saints church dates from the 15th century and is one of 6 wooden churches of Southern Little Poland. Brzozów is another nearby town to Blizne where you can take a detour to see a basilica, monastery and pretty Town Hall.

Just under one hour west of Rzeszów is the charming city of Tarnów where you can stroll the medieval Old Town soaking up the sights of the Town Hall and the Renaissance merchant houses lining the Rynek (Market square).
Drive 75 kilometers south and you will find many attractions in the small town of Sanok. Wander the open-air folk museum or browse some Greek-Catholic and Orthodox art and religious icons at the Royal Castle. If you fancy driving further, head further south to the picturesque lakes and beech-forested mountains of the stunning Bieszczady National Park.